Racoon Hair Extensions

Raccoon only source the highest quality hair, which is as natural as your own hair and provides the ultimate indulgence for you. The hair can be curled, straightened, coloured and even permed and using the gentle bonding system its kind to your own hair.

Available in an exciting range of colours and lengths from natural to vibrant.

Whether its length, or for a bit of extra body, your guaranteed an excellent result!

Your child can even enjoy a few flashes of vibrant or pastel colours too -
for only £2 per flash.

An exact price can only be given at a consultation. On the day of the consultation we will choose the length, colour and amount of hair required. The hair is your deposit and will have to be paid before we order it.

The application will take 2 to 6 hours
Full head application (75grams to 124grams) £270
over 100grams £300
Free top up after 6 weeks
Half head up to 50 grams £175
flash of colour 25 grams £95
this includes the bonding, the price of the hair will varyby length and colour.



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